ARK: Survival Evolved – Gameplay Tips and Guide for Beginners in Ark

ARK: Survival Evolved – Gameplay Tips and Guide for Beginners in Ark 1 -
ARK: Survival Evolved – Gameplay Tips and Guide for Beginners in Ark 1 -
ARK has a lot of keybinds, buttons and settings. I’m going to cover a few that’ll make your experience in ARK a little bit better.


Gameplay Basics

Get rid of the pesky dino names littering your screen 
Press “END” on your keyboard to turn off distant dino names. 

  • It adds to the immersion when you don’t have dino names all over your screen. 
  • When you approach dinos you will still see their names.

Stop your dinos you don’t want fighting from joining a fight or accidentally being whistled 
Hold “E” on your dino, go to Behaviour and change the stance to “Passive” and “Change to Ignore Group Whistles”. 

  • Use these settings on the dinos you don’t want jumping into a fight if a wild dino attacks you at your base, like a Dodo. 
  • You want your passive dinos that you don’t plan on fighting with ignoring group whistles. 
  • I tend to change all my dinos to ignore group whistles except the one I use to fight with, because all it takes is accidentally pressing one of the whistle keybinds to set off all your dinos.

Set the dinos you want to defend your base to “Neutral” 
Hold “E” on your dino, go to Behaviour and change the stance to “Neutral” and change the Targeting Range to “High”. 

  • When a wild dino attacks your dinos the dino with these settings will defend them. 
  • You may want to test out the targeting range, if this dino is to far away from another dino being attacked it won’t come to its rescue.

Set following distance on your flyers to High or Very High 
Hold “E” on your dino, go to Behaviour and change the Following Distance to “High” or “Very High”. 

  • If you fall off your flyer mid air or it happens to be in a spot where you can’t get back to it, you will need to whistle it. Because a flyer needs to slow down once it has reached you, with the following distance set to “Medium” or lower it tends to fly past you and triggers the follow again, flying back past you, over and over again. 
  • With following distance set to High or Very High your flyer is able to fly past you and come to a stop before it triggers the following mechanic again.

Disable Survivor Items 
Press “ESC” go to “Options” and then “Advanced Settings” button at the top, disable “Give Default Survivor Items”. 

  • You’ll notice when you spawn for the first time or respawn after dieing you’re given skins, disabling this setting stops the game giving you skins every time you respawn. 
  • If you ever need the skins again all you have to do is re-enable the option and respawn.

Toggle Tooltips 
To toggle tooltips there is a button in your inventory with an “i” on it, or you can press “G” on your keyboard while your inventory is open. 

  • Sometimes you can accidentally disable tooltips by pressing “G”.

Dropping/Transferring Certain Items 
In your inventory above your items there are buttons, the two arrows pointing in opposite directions is “Transfer All”, and the button with a downward arrow is “Drop All”. Use these buttons to quickly transfer all your items into another inventory or to drop all items. You can also search a particular item and use the same buttons to transfer or drop all of that particular item. 

  • If your dino has a full inventory of meat but a bunch of other items and you just want to drop the meat, rather than holding “O” and dropping each stack one at a time, you can use the search box to search for meat and then use the drop all button to dispose of it a lot quicker. 
  • You don’t need to enter the entire name of the item for search to find it.

Get used to pressing “F” to open inventories 
Self explanatory, instead of pressing “E” to access an inventory like the game suggests, use “F” instead. 

  • The reason for this is that when you progress further into the game and unlock structures that can be turned off and on, “E” turns them off and on. 
  • If you’re used to pressing “E” to open inventories you’ll find yourself constantly turning these structures off and on later in the game. 
  • By using “F” from the very beginning by the time you reach these structures that can be turned off and on you’ll be used to using “F” and won’t find yourself doing the above.

If I think of anymore random tips like this I’ll add them in, feel free to leave any I missed in the comments. 

Written by Bro13ck

This is all about ARK: Survival Evolved – Random ARK Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!


  1. Useful tips, thank you. I did not know about ‘end’ to hide names – it is not a listed key bindings!! Using F to open an inventory saves so much time!
    Two other non-obvious ones I use frequently:
    ‘H’ to toggle detailed HUD. Shows day #, temperature (can change Celsius to Farenheit in advanced options).
    ‘K’ to toggle orbit camera (for long flights, scanning for drops, looking over a ledge or hill, etc). Scroll to vary the camera distance.

    I have two problems and maybe you can HELP.
    1) a solution to overcrowding when flying with a flock. Highest follow distance helps but if I’m on an Argy with Pter’s (faster) following, they get in the way.
    2) Their noise is another irritance and I hoped to find a mod to mute tames only, but no luck. Lowering FX volume mutes all dinos, but I want to hear the wild ones before an ambush.

    Any tips or mods for these?

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