Arctic Anxiety – Safe Storages

Arctic Anxiety – Safe Storages 1 -
Arctic Anxiety – Safe Storages 1 -
Arctic Anxiety offers several possibilites to store items. This guide gives hints about which to use for long-term-storage.


Unsafe = lost upon loading

Maybe you made this experience already (like everyone of us players do): You grab cardboard boxes, loot them for useful items and then use them as storage for all you want to keep. Maybe you make neat stacks of paint bins, too, to have enough fuel for the campfire. 
Then you log off (of course you save the content/progress of your game). 
But then, the next day, or each time when you load the save (e.g. due to death) … SHOCK … those cardboard boxes and your loose items are … GONE! 
This is no bug. Really. 🙂 Cardboard boxes are washed to the shore all the time. Thus, at one point sooner or later, you would drown in all your stuff. The developer removes them on purpose. 
I hear your question: “But … but … do I have to restart from scratch all the time then?” No, of course not. Some safe storages are there from the very beginning, and you can craft more with time. 
In general, cardboard boxes are NO good storage. As opened cardboard boxes with all the content are gone at the next load, use them for transport only. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
You will also start collecting Pallets, Barrels and Cardboard boxes without having them opened first. 
The good News here is that as soon as you grab and drop them, they will still be exactly there at your next load of the saved game. 
The bad News, in this case indeed a bug, came with update 33: many players including me realize that after some days the boxes/pallets/barrels are no longer usable/grabable. I am sure that the developer works on fixing already. 
The good News in these bad News is that if the boxes/barrels/pallets are close enough to the water on the shore, they are usable/grabable again. My current way of handling them is that I grab them, use T to throw them towards the water, so that I can pick them again when needing them. 
Okay, back to … where have I been? Let’s look at the next screenshot: 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 

Safe storage

First of all, the inventory is a safe place for items which you want to keep. But you will soon need more storage because the inventory is too small. Later in the game you can craft a backpack which will increase the inventory, but even then more storage is needed (at least when you are like me an I-collect-everything-and-want-to-keep-it-all person). 
The liferaft where you start the game has some storage slots which are safe, too. 
The screenshot shows the liferaft, an already crafted campfire and one crafted wooden storage box. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
When you found at least one nail and at least one wooden plank, the storage recipes are unlocked. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
If you have enough wood planks and nails, craft a storage shelf as it holds more item than the wooden boxes. Items stored inside those shelves are safe, too. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
Those recipes are also a good way to store items. You can only have one recipe open at the same time, so select one which holds most of the items in your inventory. Move the respective items from the inventory to the recipe, and thus free the slots in the inventory (but keep in mind that the weight of the items still count!). 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
The campfire is a bit tricky and dangerous as storage. In theory, you can put in many things which you could use as fire fuel, too, but you can take them out only if burning has not started. Opened paint bins can not be taken out at all. I only store opened paint bins in them to avoid loss of other items. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
When you walk from the liferaft towards the bigger part of the island, there is a storage barrel on the ground. Whatever you put in there, is safe, too. 
Arctic Anxiety - Safe Storages 
Okay, I think I covered all safe storages I can think of right now. If I missed something, please let me know. 
I wish you happy collecting and safe storing of your items. 😀 

Written by Auakopf

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Arctic Anxiety – Safe Storages, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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