Arcadie: Second-Born – End Game & Full Walkthrough

Arcadie: Second-Born – End Game & Full Walkthrough 1 -
Arcadie: Second-Born – End Game & Full Walkthrough 1 -

Welcome to Arcadie: Second-Born – End Game & Full Walkthrough.

The following is a brief explanation of the various conclusions.
Spoilers in this guide have not been marked in any way. Before continuing with this guide, please ensure you have completed the game at least once.

It is strongly recommended that you finish the game at minimum once before moving on to the next part.

MC dies

In the final confrontation, the main character may die.

  • You can free yourself from (by mastering low Aether)
  • Try attacking Cyril if they voted against yours.
  • Try to escape Vallmar or parry with your sword using low Swordsmanship.

The MC who has not been trained in Aether, will be unable to defend themselves against Stanislas’s attack.

When fighting Stanislas choose the option “Every inch of me screams in pain.” I can’t do it. It’s over”.

How to avoid RO death

If they are in love, Cyril and Will can both die while Stanislas fights the MC.

To save them:

  • Either one can focus completely on the shield.
  • Or, if Stanislas offers you the option of taking the sword from your hand, then focus on that option.

This is where Stanislas must be defeated as quickly as possible.

Vote for Noble Assembly

Cyril’s approval is the final vote.

Both Cyril & Will have an “Approval” hidden meter independent of their Affection meters. Their approval is determined by how much or little they approve of MC as a monarch.

If Cyril is in a relationship with Cyril and accepts their proposal, Cyril will always support the MC.

Cyril will only propose if enough people approve of them.

These choices will lower Cyril’s approval.

  • The MC claims that the Lavignac holds too much power
  • The MC criticizes them repeatedly for making decisions without their input.
  • The MC declares war on Arington
  • The MC kills Stanislas’s family
  • Gardella is put in jail or executed by the MC
  • The Noble Assembly is under threat from the MC

Cyril will end their relationship with the MC if they are not happy in a romantic relationship.

Cyril can make a change if Cyril is not in agreement with the MC’s actions, but the MC threatens the Nobles with their death.

Will MC be abandoned?

Will has an Approval meter hidden from their Affection Meter.

Their affection is closely tied to their approval, but Cyril is not like them. They will lose their affection if they lose enough approval to abandon the MC.

Will will abandon the MC against Stanislas. The easiest way to do this is to execute Stanislas’s entire family.

Do not, preferably, romance Cyril.

Choose Will after the explosion that decimates the Assembly.


Stanislas, if left alive, can be either open for dialogue or hostile.


  • He was able to kill Cyril and Will
  • The MC murdered his family
  • The pacifist stat is lower than 60

Stan will be more than happy to share information with the MC if he is “friendly”. The MC can also choose to keep him around as an advisor.


Anafel, Kalltland and the Noble Assembly will receive different conclusions depending upon your choices and your Army Support score.

Accepting Nathaniel’s offer has consequences for the MC. You must have agreed to inject the blood back) after Romancing him.

Lilia will be there if she is spared.

If Will abandons him and Cyril votes him out, the epilogue is shorter (. The MC doesn’t visit the castle).


Written by Sofia

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Arcadie: Second-Born – End Game & Full Walkthrough, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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