Apex Legends – TLDR Guide: Beginner Legends (S9 Apex BR)

Apex Legends – TLDR Guide: Beginner Legends (S9 Apex BR) 1 - steamlists.com
Apex Legends – TLDR Guide: Beginner Legends (S9 Apex BR) 1 - steamlists.com
This TLDR guide will give new Apex players a brief overview of the best legends for beginners during season 9.



In this guide, I will provide a brief overview of legends that are best for beginner Apex players in season 9. These choices are purely my personal opinions. 
These are the legends I will be covering. 

  • Bloodhound 
  • Pathfinder 
  • Bangalore 
  • Octane 
  • Wraith 
  • Gibraltar



Bloodhound is a hunter who can see where enemies have walked and has a tactical that allows your team to see enemies through walls for a few seconds. Bloodhound’s ultimate allows them to see in infrared while moving 30% faster. 

  • Bloodhound is a powerful flanking legend that is best used to push enemies from the sides after a rush legend has dealt damage and confusion. 
  • Bloodhound’s tactical can be used on landing to see how many teams have landed near you. 
  • Bloodhound is a recon class legend and can use survey beacons to find the location of the next ring. 
  • Bloodhound’s tactical lets out a spherical wave of energy that is visible to enemies. 
  • Bloodhound’s ultimate grey’s out everything except for enemy footprints and and enemy bodies which are highlighted in red. Bloodhound can see through smoke and gas while in their ultimate. 
  • Bloodhound’s pronouns are canonically They/Them.



Pathfinder is a reconnaissance legend who has a grappling hook tactical and a zipline ultimate that can be used by other team members as well as enemies. 

  • Pathfinder is a rush legend, and is best used to run in and deal damage to one or two enemy players before grappling out to heal as your teammates rotate in. 
  • Pathfinder is a recon character who can use survey beacons to find the location of the next ring. 
  • Pathfinder’s ult can be used to easily outrun the ring. It is also a very fast way to ambush two enemy teams who are already fighting each other.



Bangalore is a skirmisher. She can move faster for a few seconds after being shot at, her tactical is a smoke grenade launcher, and her ultimate is a rolling rocket barrage that is used as area denial. 

  • Bangalore’s smoke grenade will deal 10 damage to enemy players if you hit them with it. 
  • Bangalore is best utilised to rotate in after a rush legend has dealt damage to the enemy team. 
  • Bangalore’s rocket barrage is triggered by her throwing a flair, and the rockets stick into the ground for a few seconds before detonating. they deal about 40 damage, and cause blurred vision to enemies.



Octane is the sonic of Apex. He passively regenerates health, his tactical almost doubles his runspeed for a few seconds at the cost of 20 health, and his ultimate is a jump pad that launches him and his teammates into the air. 

  • Octane is a rush legend who is best used to push an enemy team and deal damage before pulling back out to heal as your teammates rotate in. 
  • Octane’s tactical “stim” deals 20 damage on each use, and will down the player if octane is below 20 health.  
  • Octane’s ultimate jump pad allows octane and teammates to bounce into the air and double-jump once. Sliding into the pad will throw you further and lower, while jumping while going over it will send you higher while covering less ground. Enemies can also use the jump pad. 
  • Octane’s legs were blown off when he tried to frag-boost while attempting a speedrun challenge of the Titanfall 2 Gauntled run. He now has metal prosthetics. 
  • Octane’s heavy stim use means he has to permanently wear a dialysis machine.



Wraith is an aggressor. She hears voices that warn her if people are aiming at her, her tactical is a phase shift that makes her invisible and immune to all damage while inside it. Her ultimate is a portal that she and her teammates can travel through. 

  • Wraith is best used to push an enemy team and deal damage before phasing back out to heal as your teammates rotate in. 
  • Wraith’s tactical has about a 1.5 second delay before activating. While using the tactical, Wraith leaves a ghostly trail behind her that enemies can see. 
  • Wraith’s ultimate can teleport teammates and enemies through it. Players are invisible and immune to all damage why travelling through the portal. 
  • Wraith was a test subject in portal technology tests, and is commonly known to be the first success of phase shift technology on a biological human.



Gibraltar is a defender. He has a gun shield with 50hp that blocks damage before breaking. His tactical is an impenetrable dome shield that is immune to all damage, and his ultimate is an orbital strike that deals damage to enemies and blurs their vision. 

  • Gibraltar is a defence legend who is best used to push an enemy team after a rush legend has dealt damage. 
  • If more than 50hp damage is done to Gibraltar’s gunshield by one damage tick (such as a Kraber sniper rifle shot) the shield will absorb 50hp worth of damage, with the rest of the damage bleeding through to Gibraltar. If the gunshield is broken, it will go into cooldown. 
  • Gibraltar’s ultimate is an orbital strike. Each impact is shown in red before landing, and each orbital shell explodes on contact with the ground. The ultimate does damage to Gibraltar, but not to the rest of his team.


Closing statements

Closing statements 
As mentioned before, these legend choices are my own personal opinions as of Apex Season 9, and are focused on use in the Battle Royale mode. I chose not to include certain legends such as Lifeline, Wattson, and Valkyrie in the guide due to recent balancing changes (especially in Lifeline’s case) that add a little more complexity to their playstyle. 
I strongly encourage you to try out each legend in the firing range in order to get a feel for their unique playstyle before hopping into a match. Don’t feel pressured to change a legend that you enjoy playing with due to peer pressure from the community. The only thing that matters is that you use the legend that works best for you and your team. 


I hope that you found this guide helpful! 
If you are a more experienced player, please feel free to write any useful advice you have in the comments below! 
See you all in the dropship! 

Written by Serbo

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Apex Legends – TLDR Guide: Beginner Legends (S9 Apex BR); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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