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Apex Legends – Steam Download Reset Bug Solution 1 - steamlists.com
Apex Legends – Steam Download Reset Bug Solution 1 - steamlists.com

Before you get into this simple bugged-solution, I want to share some insights with you. I have spent countless hours trying to find solution for this. The thing is that I have approximately 900 games on Steam and none of them had this issue, only Apex Legends would do it. Everytime there is a new update (13 GB), it started doing this. You can’t imagine how many hours I wasted for updating it, how many days my PC didn’t get turned off (RIP electricity bill) because of DAMNED and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ bug! Again, ont a single game had this issue, but I wouldn’t put blame on Apex Legends alone, I think, deep down, it is Windows’ issue (a way) to solve low space problem. The thing is that many other guides failed to provide (I checked them all, I mean ALL OF THEM) was that they didn’t specify that solving this by bugging it may solve it again. Long story short, let’s get into details, but again, I tried them all, and only this method helped me.
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Follow these steps and make sure you did everything in order:
1. Exit Steam from “Steam” menu;
2. Go to download folder – Local Disk/SteamLibrary/steamapps/downloading;
3. Find folder and patch files that have ID of your game in their names, and cut those patch files and everything inside of numbers folder (not the folder itself);
3.1. If you don’t know what is ID of a certain game, then go to Store Page of that game and in URL adress you will see numbers, that is the ID;
4. Paste cut files into game folder – Local Disk/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/[GAMENAME] (in my case it is “Apex Legends”) and obviously if asked, choose replace all option;
5. Go to “SteamLibrary” folder and search for ID in search box. You will see bunch of files, delete them all (delete empty folder with ID name and there may be other files such as UserGameStats or .bin files). ATTENTION: Don’t delete patch files that you just pasted into game folder!;
5. Launch Steam;
6. Click “Install” button for your game;
7. Steam will find existing game files and it will take some time for it to verify them;
8. There are outcomes in this scenario:
8.1. Everything is fixed, you will continue from where your download stopped (if this happened, then congratulations, you can do this trick everytime your download stops). Unfortunately, I didn’t have this perfect outcome like other people got their bugs fixed;
8.2. Your download size increased, but you the bug is disappeared, now you can download it with no problem. In my case I had 7.5 GB update for Apex Legends and I spent 3 days (1 full night download for just ridiculous 1.3 GB till my net got disconnected), but with this method my download size was like 16.8 / 52 GB, which is not that bad. I paused the download and continued several times, in fact, my net got disconnected 4-5 times today, and still I could continue from 17.1. GB, 17.2 GB and etc. where it was left. finally it was solved!
Some things I didn’t mention in the description of this guide: This bug was following me for a few months. Apex Legends have updates before the new season starts and midseason. First one was 13 GB, my net got disconnected in 11 GBs and I lost all of it, had to start again, paused and 2 GB, it started from begginning again. Had to download that update on my friend’s PC (he has good connection speed), I mean, I downloaded 80 GB game entirely then transfered it to my HDD, then to my PC. But didn’t want to download 80 GB game again just for 7.5 GB update, tried to do it for 3 days, everything failed, googled solutions, tried every possible of them, there was even similar one to the one I am writing right now, however that guide also lacked the information that some game data may be deleted (17 / 52 GB scenario), they saw this as a fail, but I checked, it is not fail. I mean, I downloaded 40 GB PUBG and 70 GB TEKKEN 7 in 2-3 weeks in total. Downloading 70 GB may seem a bit hard for people like me who have low connection speed, but if it doesn’t get bugged and Steam doesn’t start checking for files again, starting from 0% again, then it is doable and I don’t have a problem. With connection like mine that gets disrupted from time to time, even 5GB download seems impossible. Nothing hurts more than putting a download before sleeping and waking up to 1 GB download that got disrupted, that is like 1, at max. 2 hours progress, that means all other 6 hours your PC stood there doing nothing, absoultely nothing. People have this problem will understand me. The trick that helped me to find the solution was that I was trying this method wrong and file sizes gave away what was going on. I mean, I tried to transfer files from “downloading” folder to my HDD, and the funny thing was that they always were 83.8 GB, no matter how much I downloaded. But the game files size were around 10-11 GB. Which is odd, because I know Apex Legends was around 80-90 GB (it used to be 33 GB when it was launched on Steam for the first time though LOL). So, I thought maybe the reason it starts from beginning was because Apex Legends as always tried to put whole game files into download? So, I decided just to copy download files into game folder and delete everything else that contained same ID. I mean, sometimes we all seen when Apex Legends tried to update something it showed, for example, 45 / 50 GB rather than 0 / 5 GB download, right? We all seen this. IDK, maybe in the end, this issue is on Apex Legends, but I still think Windows is also at fault, because maybe not having enough space (I had 50-70 GB in disk D) caused game automatically transfer game files into “downloading” folder?! Anyway, these were my thoughts when I was trying to solve this and couldn’t think of something else. Sorry for long words, I just wanted to my thoughts and feelings into this guide, because I know how frustrating something can be when you can’t find solution for it and you search every bit of information on the net you can, and I hope this guide will help everyone having same problem as me. Thank you for reading this, please, give some feedback in comments if it helped you (even if it didn’t, you can ask for assistance). If you feel generous or just want to say thank or support me, you can always gift me on Steam, I appreaciate it!

Written by 意味ちゃん

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Apex Legends – Steam Download Reset Bug Solution; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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