Antimatter Dimensions – How to Get All Secret Achievements Walkthroughs

Antimatter Dimensions – How to Get All Secret Achievements Walkthroughs 1 -
Antimatter Dimensions – How to Get All Secret Achievements Walkthroughs 1 -

Welcome to Antimatter Dimensions – How to Get All Secret Achievements Walkthroughs Guide.
This full walkthrough guide will provide complete details on unlocking all the secret achievements in-game.

No Progress Requirement

11/ The first one is always free: Click here to view the achievement

12/Just in case. – Save manually 100

13/Respect is a virtue. Use the F key to access your keyboard.

14/So do I. – Import “IEATASS”

15/Do a barrel roll! : Import “DOABARRELROLL”

17/30 Lives. – Press the following keys in sequence: Up arrow. Down arrow. Down arrow. Left arrow. Right arrow. Left arrow. Right arrow. B key. A key. Enter.

18/Does it feel like you are lucky? Well, do ya, punk? Luck is based. You have a 1 in 100 000 chance of getting it offline.

23/Stop there, criminal scum! : Press the control, shift, and C keys simultaneously.

24/Real news. – Click on a news ticker to be taken to the site.

25/Shhh… 25/Shhh… Import any of these: Design, Christmas. Finnish. Confused. Nicolas. Galactic. Work. Bliss. Stark.

31/You should install more RAM Set your update rate at 200 milliseconds

33/A sound financial decision. : Click the “Buy More” button in the shop tab.

36/While you were away… 36/While you were away… : Wait 16 minutes, 40 seconds offline to make any progress.

38/Knife’s edge Close the RESET the GAME tab after entering the confirmation code.

41/That dimension doesn’t exist : Press the 9 key.

44/ Are you currently statisfied? : For 15 minutes, open the statistics tab.

47/ALT+ : Hide all tabs.

Progress is required

16/Do you enjoy pain? : For 10 minutes, use a painful notation. There are many painful notations, including standard, brackets and emoji.

21/Go live and learn in real life. : Buy an invisible time study to the right.

22/Deep Fried – Buy 100 000 galaxies using emoji notation

26/You’re a failure. – Fail a 10x eternity challenge

27/It’sn’t called matter dimensions, is it? : Get infinite matter.

28/Nice. – Enter 69 in any autobuyer text field.

32/Less or equal to 0.001. : Infinity and Eternity in 0.001 seconds (or less).

34/You know how they work, right? : Respec a empty study tree.

35/Should they be told about buy max… : Buy tickspeed up to 100,000 times.

37/ You followed the instructions. : Import “trees” as a study tree.

42/SHAME ON ME – Attempt to use Eternity Challenge 12 in order to speed up your time.

43/A cacophonous chorus – Only music glyphs are allowed.

45/This dragging, is dragging on Drag a perk for one minute

46/For a rainy or stormy day : Save a day of real-time.

48/Stack overflow : More automator errors than lines in the automator code


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