Among Us – How to be the PERFECT Imposter

Among Us – How to be the PERFECT Imposter 1 -
Among Us – How to be the PERFECT Imposter 1 -
If you have trouble being the best imposter possible, you have come to the right place.



When I first started, I wasn’t very good at Imposter. I have played over 70 hours since then, so I would like to say I have experience. This is for newbies and for the experienced who want to learn new tricks as Imposter. It may also help others catch the Imposter.


To be honest with you guys. There aren’t many tips for being Imposter, but I have come up with as many as I can to help you become unstoppable.


1. Make sure to kill someone when you know for a fact no one is around. You may have to walk around a bit before executing the play to make sure.
2. Try never to be seen the following someone unless planned or start of the round.
3. Utilize everything, whether that’s the Sabotage system, closing doors, vents, decontamination walkways, etc.
4.Play smart, don’t sabotage 02, then walk the other way; everyone will think your sus.
5. Make sure you type in text chat, so people don’t think your sus.
6. Don’t vote instantly; make sure your voting who other people are voting for so that your not the only vote.
7.Do NOT lie about your whereabouts. You will most likely say your somewhere, where someone else is, and they will mention that.
8. Don’t blame who blamed you; it makes you even more sus.
9. If someone says it’s you, and no one gets voted off, don’t murder them; otherwise, someone will mention that they blamed you and now they’re dead.
10. Only self-report if you HAVE to; it is hazardous.


Although VC can ruin the game, some people still use it.
1. Don’t go quiet; people will notice.
2. Don’t act more energetic than you usually are. People will notice.
3. Don’t laugh when you murder someone.
4. Some people get more aggressive.
5. Quick to blame others.

Here is an example of a perfect Imposter.”>




If executed properly, these tricks will help you have a bigger mindset for when you are the Imposter.


1. Venting is not your only way of transport so are your feet. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VENT AFTER MURDERING SOMEONE. You can walk away. E.g., you killed someone in the corner of Navigation; someone sees you walk out of Weapons (towards the cafe), they report body and say it’s you. Say you walked past Navigation and never went in, etc.
2. When double killing simultaneously with your partner/partners, make sure to give a signal like wiggling. Then murder on, and hopefully they catch on straight away and murder the other.
3. When there are 3 left, you can murder someone next to another person and put the blame on them, report the body and say you saw them do it.
4. Lock all doors on the map when you are in a room alone with another, murder then, and vent, so you cant be found coming out.
5. Sometimes, it’s good to kill someone in a common area and vent, wait in vents until the body is found. This is extremely good for the start of the game.
6. When you murder someone, you can vent, then travel (through vents) to the next vent and wait for someone to walk past, then pop out, so it looks like you came from behind.
7. If in the lobby with friends, play to their ability. If you know someone won’t defend themselves; you can easily say you saw them follow the person you killed.

Hopefully, this video will give you some ideas.




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Written by Lt Smithy

This is all about Among Us – How to be the PERFECT Imposter; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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