Among Us – Hide and Seek Game Type

Among Us – "Hide and Seek" Game Type 1 -
Among Us – "Hide and Seek" Game Type 1 -
My friends and I called this game type “Murder Run,” a lethal “Hide and Seek” game type.



My friends and I called this game type, “Murder Run.”
Murder Run is a Lethal “Hide and Seek” game type integrated into Among Us.
The settings and rules are just a mere suggestion of what we decided is the most balanced way to play with and can be changed; however you like.
This game type is best to play with friends or a public server who focuses on this game type.

How to play “Murder Run.”

The goal is almost the same: Impostor-Needs to kill all crewmates, Crewmates-Need to finish all their tasks to win.
Basically, the impostor is almost completely blind, while the other players have a great sight to see the impostor coming.
The Crewmates need to run around and finish all tasks to win while the impostor searches for them.
Because the impostor is almost blind, players can hide in a corner to avoid detection or, if chased by him, slip outside his vision and disappear by diving into a corner, a different corridor or room, or (if you are really daring) cut back through him before he realizes.
The Impostor needs to search every room and every corner to find the other players and kill them before completing all their tasks.

The Rules

These rules are made to balance this game, rendering some settings pointless as they have no part to play and some assets in the game to be a huge advantage to either team.

#1: At the start of the game, the impostor should give the other players a 5-10 seconds headstart, so they will have time to run away, hide and plan which tasks to do first.
#2: Do NOT report dead bodies or call emergency meetings as it will ruin the game’s flow. There is no voting in this game either.
#3: Impostor is NOT allowed to use vents or camp anywhere; he must constantly run around.
#4: Impostor can ONLY sabotage the comms to confuse and slow down the other players’ completion progress. This means the impostor cannot seal doors, brake lights, or cause any other crisis.
#5: Helping assets are not in play (security cameras, admin console, vital signs, etc…) as they will grant huge assistance to either team.
#6: Ghosts must still complete their tasks to let the crewmate win.
#7: If a crewmate finished his tasks and is still alive, he must also constantly run around and not hide in a corner. This enables the impostor to find him and kill him to have a chance to win the game.

The Settings

These are the settings we played with, and we found them the most balanced.
Some settings don’t matter as they have no part in this game type. Those settings are explained in the “The Rules” section.

  • #Players: Should be at least 6 players (1 Impostor, 5 Crewmates, 4 Targets for the Impostor to kill to win).
  • Map: Preferably “The Skeld,” as it works the best with this game type.
  • #Impostor: 1 (Limit this so there won’t be 2 or 3).
  • Confirm Ejects: It doesn’t matter.
  • #Emergency Meeting: Preferably 0, but it doesn’t matter.
  • Emergency Cooldown: Don’t matter either; you can put this in the highest setting.
  • Discussion and Voting Time: Not playing a part in this game type, so don’t bother with it.
  • Player Speed: Preferably 3x (for ultimate chaos).
  • Crewmate Vision: Highest- 5x
  • Impostor Vision: Lowest- 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown: 10-15 seconds.
  • Kill Distance: Lowest- short.
  • Visual Tasks: It doesn’t matter; it can be either one.
  • #Tasks: Common, Long, and Short tasks are adjusted according to the number of players on the server. In a group of 6 players, we decide that we put the maximum amount of short tasks and no common or long tasks.


Spice Things Up

To make it a bit different, we have also decided to name and dress as the rooms that are on the map.
One is called “Medbay” dressed as a doctor, another named “Security” dressed as a guard, “Electrical” as a mechanic, and so on.
At the start of the game, the impostor called himself out and let the other players go to their respective rooms as the starting point. Once everyone was in place, the game started.
This is just something to make the game a bit more hilarious, as you could see who was killed and have some kind of a role-play in this game.


Obviously, all the settings and rules are a suggestion on how to play this game.
We found this way as the most balanced and fun way to play, but if you would like to, you can change any settings or rules to have it your way, or if you find a better way to balance this game.
Thank you for reading this guide!
I would love to hear if you have found a more balanced way to play this or if you want to share your experience.

Written by AlonCafry

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Among Us – “Hide and Seek” Game Type; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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