Amnesia: The Bunker – Name of all Notes and Collectibles

Amnesia: The Bunker – Name of all Notes and Collectibles 1 -
Amnesia: The Bunker – Name of all Notes and Collectibles 1 -

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Video Guide for

Notes: Achievement of a Librarian

“Retrieved every note”


“Opened the lockers.” Dog tags

Pack Rat:

“Found all pockets bags.”


“I discovered all the maps.”



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Name of all notes

Group By Author

Dr. Josinski

  • Rats and Burnt
  • amnesia Cause
  • Autopsy of Reynard

Henri Clement’s (me)

  • Clement’s Journal – Routin
  • Clement’s Journal – agnoy
  • Clement’s Journal – – no word
  • Clement’s Journal – compelled


  • Note from the head clerk on dog tags

Sdt. Boisrond

  • Fuel and fire
  • How do you get out from here?
  • Note the location of the Wrench

Sgt. Stephane Joubert

  • roman tunnel update
  • Comment on the report by Noyter
  • Joubert’s Journal: Patrol Debriefing
  • Joubert’s Journal – strange sounds
  • Joubert’s Final Journal

Major Sergeant Delpy

  • Toussaint’s fate
  • Prisoner in Custody

Sdt. Larue

  • Larue’s Report

M. Fournier

  • Security measures for arsenal
  • The Motive for the Act
  • where’s out wine
  • Shooting the Beast
  • Reynard has died

Major Blanchet

  • Security Officer in charge

Foreman Stafford

  • Daisy-Chained Switches
  • note to dead Friend
  • Where is the key to the pillbox lock?

Johannes Nicolay

  • Nicolay’s Unsent Letter

Alex Noyer

  • Noyer’s Journal – Part 1
  • Noyer’s Journal Part 2

Toussaint Beayfoy

  • We Whirl the World
  • Toussaint’s Journal
  • Toussaint’s Madness

Sdt. Cazal

  • I have the Communications

Sdt. Chanard

  • The Rats
  • Fear and Paranoia
  • I Saw Its Face
  • I Can Hear You


  • Note To Farber


  • Farber Dies

Sdt. Marceau

  • The Officers Have Disbanded


  • Gathering the willing
  • Farber’s Last Note

Augustin Lambert

  • Lamber’s Journal, Part 1
  • Lamber’s Journal – part 2

Sgt. Reynard

  • Noyer’s Translations
  • List of the Guilty
  • Update on Prisoner
  • Permission to Court Martia

J. Renoir

  • Digging Too Deep

Unnown Author

  • Keep the light on!

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