Airport CEO – Security Baggage System Information Guide

Airport CEO – Security Baggage System Information Guide 1 -
Airport CEO – Security Baggage System Information Guide 1 -

guide for high security baggage systems (more late game oriented due to the high costs)

Baggage Order

For a baggage system you need to connect multiple areas of your airport.
Your check in desks/automatic bag drop offs need to be connected to (the input of) baggage bays, it is in between these two places where the security goes.
Likewise the baggage bays output needs to go to a baggage claim, and again the security needs to be between them.
both input and output security must not mix with eachother.


To get a good security rating your airport must be consistent and reliable and your scanners must be in the correct order.
the scanners are not always correct sometimes they put the wrong bag into the bad output,
to stop incorrect bags being destroyed you must layer multiple of the same scanner together.
For each scanner type (for example tier 1 scanners) connect all their outputs, (if something is cleared its fine and doesn’t need to go through again)
connect the first scanners bad output to the second scanners input,
then the seconds bad output to the thirds input.
what this does it it means anything that is accidentally sent through the bad output is checked again, where the chances of it going the wrong way again is much lower, the 3rd machine is barely ever gets bags that where mistakenly sent through the bad output
the thirds bad output is the overall bad output for that tier and type.
meaning for tier 2 you have the good output for each type (e.g. gun scanners) going into the input of the next set (e.g. explosive scanners) and all the final bad outputs on the same belt
the order you must place these groups of scanners is as following
tier 1 bad output -> tier 2 (all) inputs
tier 2 bad outputs -> tier 3 input
tier 3 bad output -> destroyer
tier 1 2 and 3 that are clear go to the final good output, and wherever their final destination is.

Written by doggolvr

This is all about Airport CEO – Security Baggage System Information Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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