Air Threat – Complete Guide + Gameplay

Air Threat – Complete Guide + Gameplay 1 -
Air Threat – Complete Guide + Gameplay 1 -
Short (but complete) guide for a short game


The Basics

Vertical shmup, without much shooting. 
Controls (and there is no option to change these) are: 
WASD for movement 
Space for shoot 
Movement speed is slow 
Ammunition is limited, but this should never really be a problem unless you hold down the space bar (and even then only on a boss level as the others you don’t need to defeat anything at the end). 
There are 3 different power-ups (a healing item, extra bullets, and extra ammunition). They usually drop from the same planes, but don’t have any significant impact on gameplay. 


There are 5 types of basic enemies, plus bosses. All are destroyed with 1 hit (with the exception of bosses), and are all worth 10 points. 
These approach in waves from the left & right sides of the screen simultaneously, and move across horizontally. Some waves have a clear path between them, other waves do not and require destroying one/crashing into one/moving around. Does not shoot at you. 
These approach in waves of horizontal lines from the top of the screen, and travel downwards vertically. There is always space to move between them without effort. Note that your place does not move fast enough to get in front of and shoot all in any given wave. They do not shoot at you. 
Blues approach from the _bottom_ of the screen in either a horizontal or staggered line formation, and travel upwards vertically. They do not shoot at you, and you have to position yourself behind them after they pa*s to shoot them. 
Approach from the top of the screen and travel vertically down in various formations. Often there is not space to get between without shooting one. Note that these enemies shoot towards the bottom of the screen at random intervals. 
The only enemy that is even remotely dangerous. Approaches from the top of the screen in various formations. Randomly fires shots both directly downwards, and towards your current position. The speed of the projectile vs your limited movement speed (shot moves twice as fast) can make this impossible to dodge at short ranges. 
Bosses appear on the last of each set of levels (5, 10, 15, 20) for a total of four in the game. 
are an exception to the 1 hit, 1 kill rule that applies to other enemies. They display a health bar and take about a dozen hits to defeat. 
They each shoot in variants of random/targeted shots. Only the final one is really dangerous, and this is only because after 50% health it constantly spawns red planes. 


There are 20 levels total 
Boss levels are 5, 10, 15, and 20 
The boss is the only enemy that _needs_ to be destroyed, for anything else you can fly around. 
Due to slow movement speed it is not possible to destroy all enemies, nor even all enemies in a wave, and it is not advisable to try. 
For the main part of the levels, you can fly towards the top right corner and pretty much stay there (moving to avoid targeted shots by red enemies) to complete the level. 
Bosses are all relatively simple, dodge the shots and fire back, unless you are especially wasteful during the main part of the level, there is ample ammunition. 
The final boss is trickier because one it hits 50% hp, it starts spawning red enemies which use their targeted shots on top of its random shots, and you have to be in front of the boss to hit it. So there are lots of shots you cant dodge. I found this one to be more luck of the enemies randomly firing fewer shots in your direction, somewhat annoying really. 
Score X points (up to 500) 
This is achievable on any level, but probably easiest on level 2 (there are more enemies than level 1, but still none that target you, and fewer awkwardly positioned/timed waves). Just take care to position carefully and destroy 2-3 from each wave (you cannot destroy whole waves, you cannot move or shoot fast enough). If its proving difficult to replay the first levels to get the hang of the timings and it will pop. Took me 3 attempts to get 500 on level 1, and 2 attempts on level 2. 
Run out of ammunition 
Hide in your normal corner and just hold the spacebar. This will run out before the end of the level. 
Beat boss (1 through 4) 
Essentially complete the game as you have to complete the other levels first. This isn’t really too difficult, will probably be done in just under an hour, with only the final boss taking more than 1-2 attempts. 
Crash into planes 
Fairly self-explanatory. Nothing special needed here, dont think it even has to be in a single level. 
Final note: 
Cards take a while to drop (longer than it took me to complete the game+achievements). 

Written by SBrind

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Air Threat – Complete Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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