Aim Lab – How to use Aim Lab for VALORANT

Aim Lab – How to use Aim Lab for VALORANT 1 -
Aim Lab – How to use Aim Lab for VALORANT 1 -

A guide to effectively use Aim Lab to push your Valorant aim to the next level! Learn which tasks are the most beneficial, what to do/not to do and the best warmup/training playlist in Aim Lab


Did you just miss 30 bullets on a Brimstone that was standing still? Does your aim absolutely suck? Do you want to improve it to instantly climb to higher ranks in Valorant? Well, fear not as thankfully we have the greatest tool to combat this under our fingers… AIM LAB.
Aim Lab can be a great tool to enhance your mechanical skills as it allows you to expose yourself to way more targets without the downtime that is common in FPS games. For example, in one game of Valorant, you see and aim at around 20-30 enemies in a period of around 30 minutes. With Aim Lab, you can be shooting up to 150 Valorant headsized targets in just a matter of 1 minute which is a lot more efficient.

What to DO and what WORKS

  • Play custom workshop tasks
    Custom workshop tasks are literally Aim Lab classic tasks but on steroids. While everyone is stuck playing Gridshot, go to the next level and try out custom workshop tasks (Located in Custom > Workshop) like rA Fourshot, rA Minishot or rA Sixshot Easy to name a few
  • Keep to a routine
    A routine with consistency is so much more beneficial than inconsistent and long grinds. Stick to a routine and get a playlist. Currently the best playlist for Valorant is the one made by Revosect which you can subscribe here, play this each time before a game as a warmup or after games to train: – [] 
  • Understanding that aiming isn’t the only skill required to get to high ranks
    While Aim Lab isolates and aim in an abstract environment, there are so many more variables that go on inside the game, enemy and teammate positions, economy, utility usage, communication, and it goes on and on. Understanding that improving comes with playing the game on top is Aim Lab is extremely important. If you want to get good at Valorant, you shouldn’t be only focusing on your aim and should be actively improving your util knowledge and understanding of how the game functions.


What NOT to DO and what DOESN’T WORK

  • DON’T only grind Gridshot
    While Gridshot is a fun and engaging task, and can be a great warmup plus stepping stone into aim training, it has very quick diminishing returns. Play other tasks like Sixshot or Microshot as these replicate Valorant target sizes a lot better compared to Gridshot with massive targets, and like we explained in the DOs section, swap to custom workshop tasks.
  • DON’T only use Aim Lab to train your aim
    Having ingame experience with the guns and learning their patterns is as important as improving your raw mechanical skill in Aim Lab. Aim is a constitution of many variables such as raw mouse control (what Aim Lab improves), crosshair placement, recoil control etc. To learn these aspects of the gunplay in Valorant, you can only do it in the game itself. You should alternate between an Aim Lab playlist and deathmatch or shooting range training. This way you get the best of both worlds.
  • DON’T get discouraged by your Aim Lab scores or rank
    You should always be comparing yourself to your previous self, what matters is that you are better than you were yesterday! Comparing yourself to these top scores and losing motivation or hope will only make your mental state worse and it’s not even a great representation of your skill due to the time spent in different tasks. So don’t worry, as well all start somewhere!


The BEST routine/playlist for Aim Lab

This routine was built with improvement in mind, and with the help of lots of top tier players in Radiant! Use it to warmup or train as it is great for both, it challenges your aim to the next level so if you find it too difficult, don’t give up and try again.
Link to the routine: – [] 


Aim Lab is a very powerful tool that is designed to help you win! With efficient training, you will improve at a rate that will even shock you but remember that it isn’t a substitute for playing the game. Combine both ingame practice with your Aim Lab routine and you will practically be unstoppable. Happy training!
If you have any questions, or want to get access to more high quality resources join our aim training community Revosect! > – [] 

Written by rA Cyn

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Aim Lab – How to use Aim Lab for VALORANT, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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