Agonize – Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic

Agonize – Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic 1 -
Agonize – Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic 1 -

Official Agonize Guide, created by the developers.

The goal of Agonize is to solve and explore the game by the player. However, this guide will be a great help if you get lost or need assistance.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you beat the game. These tips will help you if you are struggling to find your way around the game.

  • Outrunning her
  • You can trap yourself in a room where there is a good chance she won’t knock the door down.
  • Use a trap to slow down or stop her agro.


  • Before injecting a serum-containing syringe into her, you must first stun her using the traps
  • The wrong serum can trigger her, so use the periodic tables and the blackboard to help you find the right serum
  • After you have processed the serum, the serums will spawn on floors 2, 3, and 4. They can be stored in the basement jars.
  • If one of your teammates is killed by the serum, make sure you check the basement jars to find the serum they have lost.
  • You can either pick up revive syringes alone or in groups. These are essential and almost vital to win.


Floor Plans/Map

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Floor Plans/Map - C91DB78

[previewicon=28995195;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 2.jpg]

[previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]

[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Floor Plans/Map - 5022835

[previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]

[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Floor Plans/Map - 7D91BA4

[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Floor Plans/Map - 9E67DCD


Step 1

You will need the Front Door Key to open the front door.

The key can be found at the back of the graveyard house.

Step 2

Look around the house for a keycard that will allow you to enter the basement laboratory.

These marked locations can hold the keycard:

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Walkthrough - 9C68638

Step 3

A chalkboard will be located in the basement and will contain 3 numeric numbers. These are Atomic Numbers, which can also be found in the basement.

These are the 3 serums that will help you escape the monster and leave the mansion.

Use the 3 numbers to cross-examine the Periodic table and the vials on it to discover the 3 coloured serums.

Numbers on Chalkboard


Atomic numbers on the Periodic table

Agonize - Walkthrough & Gameplay Basic - Walkthrough - 42FE1A8


Vials on a table labeled with different elements

Step 4

The key from the basement will unlock the next floor, which will give you access to the 4 first serums. Locate the first coloured serum. Get a syringe. Then, go back to the basement to make the serum. Take the serum out of the syringe. Next, head towards a bear trap.

Step 5

The monster must be triggered by the bear trap. After injecting her with the correct serum, grab the key that she drops to the next floor.

*If the key isn’t lost, then the wrong serum has been injected into her.

Step 6

You can repeat Steps 4 and 5 by using the rope trap or tesla trap instead.

Rope Trap

Use the rope from floor 3 to trip the monster.

Tesla Trap

After you have accessed and received serum from floor 4, grab the Tesla from the basement. Place Tesla in one the two stations on floor 3. You can activate Tesla in the basement using the CCTV Camera system. Have the monster run through to inject Tesla with the last syringe.

Step 7

Congratz! Congratulations!

Final thank you!

Vault Interactive, the developers of Agonize, would like to thank everyone who played and enjoyed our Coop Indie Horror Game. We hope you and your friends (, if they were with you, were able get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping, and were able complete the difficult challenge that is Agonize.

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