Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Malians Summary – Ranked 1v1 Guide AOE4

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Malians Summary – Ranked 1v1 Guide AOE4 1 -
Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Malians Summary – Ranked 1v1 Guide AOE4 1 -

Welcome to Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Malians Summary – Ranked 1v1 Guide AOE4 Guide.

In a Gold Civ, this guide plays the Malian’s strength. It is simple to use and a fantastic way to improve your game.
Be wary of being referred to as a jerk.





  • 2 Barracks Opening
  • Musofadi Warrior Spam
  • Ram Rush
  • 100% Beefy Economy
  • Farimba Garrison Spam
  • All the vills of Gold


Welcome to my guide.

This guide will direct the community to the first steps towards a standard Malian meta. These civ’s ‘characteristics’ are likely to change. After reading this patch, I believe that the Malians should be nerfed.

Beware. You can’t change the meta. There is no turning back. Only forwards.

Let’s begin.

Age 1

BeastyQT would be grateful for this opening. Any opening that works well for you is fine. The following is what I chose to use.

Start of the game:

– 4 vils in the straggler tree

2 vils for sheep

In queue: Villagers. Rally for sheep

Two sheep herded from TC LOS

10th villager to build Pit-mine and House, and Gold-mine.

CONDITION: At least 2 additional sheep must be returned to TC. !

All houses are built around pit-mine. Once done, return to sheep.

Age up

5 on food

Stone Quarry with 7 Villagers

Age2 should be completed by the 04:20-04.50 game time.

Rally to wood. 3 gold. 5 foods

Age 2

1 vil to a new gold-mine

Upgrade your woodcutting axe

1 mining camp

1 lumber camp

Once you are able, build 1 barrack.

Soon, a mill will be built next to Berry within 4 tiles of TC.

To defeat an enemy flank, train musofadi warriors.

Train one cow, 7 on food. Every fourth villager goes to gold. To prepare for ram spam, you must spend approximately 8-15 on wood.

Reconstruct 2nd barracks and rally the opposing side of the enemy flank. Build an arsenal

Rally TC to the cow

Harvest cows and make gold until the army is full.

Arsenal gets melee damage upgrade first, then siege upgrades for rams.

All in under minutes, max pop army 80pop ()

If enemy defends well, get out! Prepare for age 3.

While you are doing all this, don’t forget to build cows. This will help you to improve your foresight skills.

Age 3

It’s not difficult to age up to 3. Realize that you can’t ram rush to get past the enemy at age 3, and you can age up until Farimba Garrison at 3 relatively quickly.

Cows are trained to train cows and mass 12 – 20 vils upon cows.

If the market is willing, it can convert resources from cows to cows or vice versa.

You would be very quick to age up.

Don’t build the cow landmark.

It is ineffective and you won’t eat its cows.

Once the farimba garrison has been constructed, rally 20 to gold. Start the assault.

1 archery range for ages 3 and up

Adapt to the unit composition and upgrade accordingly.

You cannot build farms. Instead, it would be best if you relied upon cows. You can continuously consume an average of 1200 calories per minute, which is enough for spam units until you meet the enemy ….. Gives up.

Age 4

Keep the pressure up. Age 4 with Bazaar if necessary

If you need to keep an area that you can use aggressively, it is okay to go keep it. To dig them out, you can build trebs.

This stage is where you should adapt to what you see.

The cow economy needs to be slowed down.

Your farimba garrison is constantly producing units, resulting in enemy loss of map control.

As long as you maintained the pressure and didn’t stop training units (, I can’t see your apm dropping to). And don’t forget cows! This is it.

The key takeaway is that high apm is required throughout the game.

Foresight is also a virtue.

It can be not easy to bounce back if you forget to train cows.


Written by Foxtrot

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Malians Summary – Ranked 1v1 Guide AOE4; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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