Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Score

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Score 1 -
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Score 1 -
This guide is about score


Score Types

*Exploration Score
*Conversion Score
*Economy Score
*Military Score

How is the score calculated?

1. There are various aspects of the game that contribute to your score. If you go to the achievements screen and hover over all the achievements, you will find tooltips that tell you how much that stat contributes to the score.

There is no way to “manipulate” the score per se. One thing you can do is scout a lot early on to inflate your score, since every 1% of the map explored gives you 10 score.

2. I believe you only get score for areas that you yourself have scouted, otherwise building a market would usually result in a huge score jump.

3. That is true. You can just look at game end statistics of some TG. The individual players usually have 50-80 % of the map explored only, but 95+ % was revealed for everyone because of their allies.

4. Hey man, I see you have a lot of questions and suggest you check out the aoe Wiki page. It has tons of information on almost every aspect of the game, and you could look there for answers first ( Eg you can search here for ‘score’ and find exactly how it’s calculated. If you don’t find it there, feel free to ask here though.

The only “cheat” I can think off is ‘slinging’ (sending resources to an Ally). Tributing gives you 20% score value, while having it in your stockpile only gives 10%. You can sling resources back and forth in order to both increase your score without gathering anything, and your score will go up very fast. However, preferably only do this in imp, after the banking tech.

this is semi correct. tributing gives you only 10% of the value in score, so if you send tributes you dont gain any score, only the receiving player gets an increase in score from that. if you send resources back and forth you of course can still inflate score artificially, but just sending resources doesnt help your score

Yes, I specifically meant slinging the same resources back and forth, my bad if that was unclear.

5. Scorewise you can still scout parts that your ally has scouted, even after a market.
You start with 1000 Points extra when playing on an ecplored map (eg Black Forest).

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