Afterinfection – All Chat Command Guide

Afterinfection – All Chat Command Guide 1 -
Afterinfection – All Chat Command Guide 1 -

-Press G for open social menu
-Press Y to show and hide the mouse
/say to talk in say chat
/yell to yell in yell chat
/all /global to message all players
/whisper /message “Player Name” to message a player
/invitegroup to invite a player to group
/acceptgroup to accept last group invite
/leavegroup to leave current group
/quit /exit to close game
/kickgroup “Player Name” to remove player from group
/inviteguild “Player Name” to invite to guild
/acceptguild to accept last guild invite
/leaveguild to leave current guild
/guild to speak in guild only chat
/group to speak in group only chat
/area to speak to players in same areas
/block “Player Name” to block player
/unblock “Player Name” to unblock player
/blocked to see a list of blocked players


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