A Hat in Time – How to Double Jump Using Controller

A Hat in Time – How to Double Jump Using Controller 1 - steamlists.com
A Hat in Time – How to Double Jump Using Controller 1 - steamlists.com

for people who dont know how to jump on a controller


To help the people who don’t know how to jump on controller, I will guide you.

A normal standing jump

Look down at your controller.
If you look at the right half of your controller, you should see a stick and 4 buttons.
For this section of the guide, you will ignore the stick, and instead look at the buttons.
To jump, you will want to press the button that is labelled A (if using an xbox controller)
If you are using a dual shock controller, press X
If you are using an off brand controller, it will be the bottommost button.

How to double jump:

Press the button you had used to jump again whilst mid air.
You will gain more height than you do in a regular jump, and have more height.

How to move while jumping:

Here is where it gets tricky.
We were only using the right half of the controller and buttons only in the beginning, but now you will need to use your other half, and the stick on the left half.
To move while jumping, you will, firstly, focus on your right side of the controller and press your jump button.
Than, while you are mid-air, switch your focus to the left half of your controller, and find the stick located on the left half.
Once you have found the stick, push it in any direction, and if you are still in the air, you will now be moving while jumping.
You can combine this with a double jump to get more distance and height.

How to dive while jumping:

This will be the 2nd most hardest part of the tutorial.
Now, there is a section of the controller that I have yet to go over in this tutorial.
This section is known as the top of the controller.
At the top, there are two triggers, and two bumpers. For now, we will only focus on the triggers, and only the trigger on the right half
Lets take it slowly for now, and just crouch.
Press the trigger that is located on the right half. You will begin to crouch if you are not moving and are not mid-air.
To actually dive, you will need to move.
Start moving around on the ground, and press the right trigger. You will dive if you do it correctly.
Now, let’s add jumping into the mix.
To do a dive jump, jump, and quickly press your right trigger.
You will do a dive while jumping.

Combining it all together:

Congrats! If you’ve gotten this far, you are nearly finished with learning the basic necessities of playing nearly any platformer with a controller.
You can do these next steps in many different orders, as long as you start with jumping or moving.
First, you will want to focus on the right half of the controller and press jump.
While mid-air, press jump again.
Next, focus your attention to the left half of your controller and it’s corresponding stick.
Use said stick to move around mid-air.
Now, focus your attention to the top of your controller, specifically the right half, and its corresponding trigger.
Now, press the trigger.
If you do everything right, you will have done a moving double jump and dive on a controller.

Have fun!

You are now done with this guide. Now go play some Hat in Time.

Hope you enjoy the Guide about A Hat in Time – How to Double Jump Using Controller, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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