80’s OVERDRIVE – All Achievements Unlocked

80’s OVERDRIVE – All Achievements Unlocked 1 - steamlists.com
80’s OVERDRIVE – All Achievements Unlocked 1 - steamlists.com

Small guide with tips to get all the achievements in a single run, or as quickly as possible. If the guide has been useful to you, remember that you can like it and/or add it to favorites and/or reward it. If you have doubts or questions, ask them in the comments section. I will respond when I can.

If you want to get all the achievements in the most optimal way possible, follow this list of tips:

1) Try to use Joystick. It is more “efficient” play with a stick than a keyboard.

2) Don’t buy any cars. Buy one of the 2 initial cars and improve it until it reaches the maximum stats and thus be able to finish the game without problems. The rest of the coins you will need to save for the achievement “Won lottery, the hard way” (have 1,000,000 coins)

3) Take ALL the secondary mission. When you are in a stage with a secondary mission DO NOT LEAVE IT. The races can be repeated, but NOT the secondary mission. You’ll need to do all the side quests for “Huh? You’ve completed all missions? Nice” achievement.

4) When you enter a race that has a side quest, you will be warned with a sign. On the sign they will tell you what to do in the mission. If you don’t feel ready to do it, cancel the race (DO NOT DECLINE THE MISSION) and leave it for another time.

5) There will be secondary missions that will force you to lose races. Don’t worry. Repeat them and make sure you get out first. Finishing first in all races will unlock the achievement “108? Did I win everything?” (win all races)

6) To get the achievements “Is he really that good?” and “The ultimate owner” at the same time, when you play the last stage (the final boss race) come out second. Once you “lose”, a dialogue will appear and an option to repeat the race. Repeat the race and beat him.

7) The final boss car is much faster than any other car in the game. If you want to beat him I advise you to use a nitro charge at the beginning of the race and stay ahead of him. If you fail, restart the race. Once you are in front of him, try to avoid being overtaken from the sides. Crash it, push it off the track if you can, and stay first until you win the race. Use the second nitro charge in an emergency.

8) When you beat the final boss, they will give you their car. This car has a repair cost of 0, and it is very fast. Used to repeat (and win) the penultimate race, the one whose prize is 100,000 coins. Repeat this race until you collect 1,000,000 of coins.

9) When you have 1,000,000, buy all the cars, change the paint, and upgrade them to the maximum. This will unlock all car related achievements and upgrades.

10) To get the “Beast feeder” achievement (Refuel your cars for 10,000 coins) I suggest the following:

  • Select any vehicle (of the normal ones). For example your first car.
  • Play the first race until you get very close to the finish line.
  • Wait until your fuel bar is red (approximately 1 minute).
  • Cross the finish line, pay to refuel and repeat.

This method will make you spend 370 coins. Repeating it a few times, and adding to what you spent beating the game, you will arrive without problems to obtain the achievement.

11) To get the achievements related to the “Time Attack” minigame (such as “Impossible Road”), follow these tips:

– The distance detector does not work well, so you will not always get points. This is very annoying, but unfortunately that’s how it works.

– Play aggressive. Don’t be afraid to cut into traffic, and even lightly bump into them. If you add points, it will not matter if you have lost speed.

– Don’t be afraid to slow down to ensure you pa*s close to traffic. It is better to add 2 or 3 seconds by going slow than losing 10 by going too fast and not being counted.

– Try to add seconds with all the traffic you have nearby. Car you see, approach him.

– Avoid getting off the road and crashing. Resetting the car takes too long.

– If you follow all these tips, and go easy, it won’t take long to get the achievement.

12) The achievements related to creating maps are very simple and you can find them in this other guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2342124461 – [steamcommunity.com] 

By Algodoncito

This is all about 80’s OVERDRIVE – All Achievements Unlocked; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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