7,62 High Calibre – Strange’s Personal Guide

7,62 High Calibre – Strange’s Personal Guide 1 - steamlists.com
7,62 High Calibre – Strange’s Personal Guide 1 - steamlists.com
This is a guide I will attempt to dynamically update as I play, with what my findings are. I’m going to try to include as much info and context as possible, without it being needless jargon or whatever. This will consist mostly of stuff that I just straight up have not found anywhere else.


First Things

You should consider doing all of these tips before even starting the game, or a playthrough:

  • Configure the settings in the launcher. Pretty straight forward, but note that you should be able to run the game well ez pz. Also, you’re gonna wanna turn off the intro videos, especially if you don’t want that blaring noise.
  • It is RETARDEDLY easy to soft-lock yourself out of quests just by picking the “end conversation” option too soon. Obviously, though, the remedy for this is to just save before you talk to people.
  • This guide is a mega-WiP, I forgot to publish it until now even though I started the draft like, a year ago. It’s an old obscure game, go figure…


Weapons [Firearms]

Everyone knows what guns are, and apparently, there’s a lot in this one (and Blue Sky apparently adds WAY WAY MORE but I haven’t tried it yet), so it’s good to know what they are and shif. Don’t look on the game’s Wiki if you want anything that isn’t a simple shotgun or pistol because uh, the lists on there aren’t even full lmao.

Fire Modes: These are easy to figure out, not looking to hold hands here. Do note though that firing full auto with certain combos (2, 4, etc) don’t seem like they show or maybe even shoot every bullet, better get that confirmed.

Shooting Stances: Everyone knows hipfire sucks, and I haven’t used it enough to see just how much of that is true in this game; aimed shoes prove to be the most reliable and rewarding, although snapshots will be necessary with close or ready-to-fire enemies.

As for your starter TT33, though, wth should you do with it?
KEEP IT, that ammo is NOT common, and you have enough space to keep it. It takes a bit for traders to have 7.62×25 in stock, but since the TT is better than the PM, it’s worth it. (You should just use whatever guns you manage to find instead though. Bandits keep full boxes of ammo constantly

BEST GUNS (early game) :

  • M712 Carbine: I found one in the Baron’s stash, along with a spare double-20-er mag combo. This might be the most accurate gun you come across for a while.
  • M1928 Thompson: Also in Baron’s stuff. 50 rounds of commonly found ammo, AND a spare magazine? Count me the ♥♥♥ in! You better be using that semi auto though, you’ll need it if you’re fighting a LOT of dudes.




  • Duct Tape: NO idea what this does yet. Repairing apparel?
  • Army Flask: Same



Generally, the con artist types ironically seem to give the better prices on stuff you sell, although the more upstanding fellas in bars and such seem to have more higher standard equipment—and more equipment in general. The bar guy in Puerto Viejo had jack all at the start, but some odd 20 hours later, had a Mini-14, multiple shotguns etc, so checking back every now and then just to see what’s for grabs is a good idea.

Still, do your best to buy as little ammo and guns as possible, even if you think you’ll need a lot (unless you’re using uncommon ammo).

IMPORTANT NOTE: God only knows WHY but the barman in Puerto Viejo seems to pay an exhorbitant amount of cash for even ♥♥♥♥♥♥ sawn off mosins, if you want good cash fast SELL THEM TO HIM. If you’re not getting at least two grand, then I dunno. Otherwise, getting buddy-buddy with the dealer outside the bar in Santa Maria is a good choice–if you can survive his quests. Just saying, you’ll want much better than pistols and Mosins. Maybe an extra body too.

People (NPCs)

– Hawk hates me, calling me a “Nazi” and that he’ll “Nuremburg my a*s” but I have 0 idea why. Maybe something to do with doing work for the rebels? No clue.


TOWNS: All towns have, at least, a bar, hospital, and some place where the authorities or leader hangs out.

  • Puerto Viejo: You start here! You CAN accept jobs from the mayor right away but I don’t recommend that unless you learn wtf you’re doing quick. The job to send a package has a very lenient time limit of 17 days, though.
  • Santa Maria: Pretty messed up looking place, but is more than worth its while if you do jobs for the black market trader there. I’ve seen two quests you can do for him so far, and if you do either real early in your playthrough, it can be real damn hard. I recommend at LEAST getting the Tommy Gun with the drum mags, and finding chokepoints to wittle down the enemy from, but a friend goes a long way too.
  • Sagrada: Cathedral that I don’t think much can be done in. There’s a spot behind the bank (where you find the mayor and black marketeer) with 2 backpacks and a belt and pouch. There is a ammo box on the other side of the wall that SEEMS impossible to get to, but your merc just uses telepathy to open it and take 2 pouches. The lot with the lot of bandits in the warehouse next to the TELEwhatever station has FAL, MP5, and even M203 grenade launcher manuals, the M203 being in the box in the truck’s bed.
  • Campecino: Church, which you can actually enter and banter with the Priest there. The bar here has -two- dealers outside, although I think the one behind the establishment has higher tier wares. I don’t know why there are two tweakers eternally stationed near him and a dumpster. In the house right next to the west exit point on the minimap, there is a VZ61, with TWO spare magazines and a SUPPRESSOR, along with AN AK47 AND TWO SPARE MAGS but no ammo for it. There is also a box in the adjacent room that has a pouch.
  • Ciudado de Oro: Depressing place, but it has TNT and a big crate that has armor, backpack, and belt in it. There’s others with other loot including a Hi-Power 9mm pistol. Around the corner is another crate with a Colt .45 and an armor vest.

– Fuerte-Calderon: The Cartel Baron’s Estate. A nice, simple, small place to finish quests and raid the arm crates of a drug lord, who’s apparently fine with it—same as everyone else. I have found GOOD guns here, but just the once, and don’t get too excited and just start taking everything. It is all fine and dandy where it is, and will wait for you when you have the space. Although, the extra belts or backpacks or vests are nice additional cash. You might want to hold onto it for party members though.
– Jungle Camp: The HQ of Operations for the rebelianos, and where you’ll spend some time if you do their quests. Not a lot though, since, there’s ♥♥♥ all to do here; no trading, no more-than-one-person to accept quests from, hardly even convo. And, triangulated from both, is a crate with a Walther P99 in .40 S&W!


This lists all the quests I’ve come across so far, what I’ve encountered, and yes, how to do them, but which way TO do them will be left to you.
As always, spoilers ahead, although safe to say that most of these optional side quests aren’t that important or really warrant spoilers. Also there’s no spoilering format so lol

  • [themainone]
  • Banditos and Brothers: Once you make it to Ciudad de Oro, make sure you don’t miss Jesus A. down under the bridge. I spent a bit too much time in the jungle until I figured this out. Moral is, when they say OUTSKIRTS they don’t mean literally.


Hope you enjoy the Guide about 7,62 High Calibre – Strange’s Personal Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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